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It is a pleasure for me to invite you to have a look at my art-site. In the Gallery you can find my way to express thoughts and feelings of a world mixed of imagination and reality, often with a serious touch reflecting the opposites of life.

Born in Avesta, Sweden and raised at an idyllic place by the Dalecarlia River, the influences of nature early became my greatest source of inspiration.
Studying abstract painting under the eminent artists Emilio Vedova, Zao Wou-Ki and Corneille, my style became an interesting combination of west and east, a mixture of poetic compositions, rhythm and texture. In my 3-dimensional paintings I experiment with different materials, for example dried sea-algae from the Swedish west coast. My successful solo exhibition "Seascapes" at Broadway Gallery on Manhattan in New York showed paintings and an installation in that technique.

I have participated in more than ninety solo and group exhibitions all over the world and I am represented in numerous collections.

"Infinite Forms", a book about my art is for sale at

"To be happy is to live in harmony with Nature." - Gunilla Oldenburg


Gunilla Oldenburg
Sköldgatan 5
SE-118 63 Stockholm

Tel. +46-(0)8-7205759

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